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Madstad windshield Colors

These are the individual windshields sold with MADSTAD adjustable bracket systems. They can be purchased with MADSTAD mounting holes, with OEM mounting holes or as blanks with no holes for your own applications. They are made from high-quality cast acrylic and come in Clear, Light Gray, Bronze Smoke, Medium Gray and Dark Gray tints. Here is how we would describe the five (actually six) colors broken down into three groups:

Clear and Light Gray - These are pretty close to each other. The Light Gray has just a small amount of tint to cut down on glare and reflections a little bit, but you still have near total visibility at night. It is a subtle amount of tint and does not add much color accent to the bike.

Medium Gray and Bronze Smoke - These do add color to the bike but you can see through them pretty well during the day, just like looking through an average pair of sunglasses. You can also see through them at night although it's noticeably darker. Keep in mind that with our system properly adjusted, 95% of your view is over the top of the shield anyway. Medium Gray is simply a shade of black and goes with just about any bike because they all have black somewhere. The Bronze Smoke has a bit of a brownish/orange tint so it goes well with bike colors like yellow, orange, brown and sometimes green.

Dark Gray is a dark charcoal color and it looks great with black bikes especially. The version we provide for Harleys specifically is an extra dark gray (X-Dark) which is the darkest shade we can get and still be able to see through it. You can see through either dark gray in daylight but at night but it is pretty dark, like looking through dark sunglasses. Again, 95% of your view is over the top of the shield but some people are distracted by a dark shield in front of them, and if you have night vision problems we would definitely not recommend this color.

These are replacement windshields ONLY; mounting hardware is not included but can be ordered on our Replacement Parts page.

For a detailed list of windshield shapes and dimensions, please CLICK HERE.

Madstad windshield Colors Madstad windshield Colors
Outline - Adventure Style_135.jpg Adventure Style
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