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New Easy-Adjust brackets

Transform your ride with MadStad easy-adjust Brackets, a patented adjustable wind management system that allows you to control the position and angle of your motorcycle windshield. The result is much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield could ever provide. Why should you try to adapt to your windshield when your windshield can adapt to you?

This is a complete 3-piece drop-in system custom made for the KLR650 (2008-up). It consists of an aluminum mounting base, the Easy-adjust Brackets and a new adjustable windshield. The mounting base is a black powder-coated aluminum windshield which drops right in where the stock shield used to be. Because of its strength, it stiffens up the fairing and provides a solid mounting base. The Easy-Adjust brackets bolt to this base and the windshield attaches to the brackets and becomes the new primary shield, fully adjustable for height and tilt. With the windshield "detached" from the fairing you now get lots of air underneath it which eliminates the turbulence-causing vacuum behind it. The height and angle can be adjusted in seconds and will give you total control over the airflow and position of your shield, so one size shield works for many different size riders.

Finally awesome highway wind protection and smooth air, placed exactly where you want it. There's no turbulence, and no huge ugly touring shield that can catch crosswinds and de-stabilize your bike. Fixed windshields simply can't compare.

Sizing your shield:

  • For riders up to 5'11" we recommend the 18" Shield.
  • For riders between 6'0 - 6'3 we recommend the 20" Shield.
  • For riders taller than 6'3" we usually recommend the 22" Shield.
As always, if you have any questions, you can give us a call, and tell us your inseam, and we will help you select an appropriate size shield.

A rear supports kit is available to brace and stiffen the upper edge of the fairing. This minimizes back and forth movement when going over bumps or rough terrain. It is optional for the 18" and 20" size shields but required for the 22" size. Scroll down to order this additional accessory.

Here's what several KLR650 riders had to say about our system:

"This has transformed my KLR. I am a tall rider and my head had always been buffeted by the wind. I had been running the Cee Bailey's 23.75 screen and that reduced some of the buffeting. Yours eliminated it. Now I can ride and actually enjoy the ride versus getting banged around all the time. A little extra wind on the body will also help when the heat comes back next summer." - Tim W., Woodbury, MN

"I have been riding with my new shield for several weeks now, and I continue to be amazed at how well this shield performs. My wife rode my KLR the other day and stated that the wind reduction was similar to what she has on her Harley Ultra Classic. The performance is beyond any expectations that I had when I ordered the shield." - Kurt B., Lebanon, PA

"All I can say is WOW! A very nice calm pocket of air all the way up to 75mph on GPS. In fact I had my helmet face shield open (protective glasses on of course!) & it did not affect the buffeting. I barely felt a breeze on my bare face. " – Tim S., Everett, WA

Outline - Adventure Style_135.jpg Adventure Systems for the KLR650
Outline - Sport CR 20_100.jpg Sport CR Systems for the KLR650
KLR650 (2008+)
Rear brace parts photo.jpg
Rear Supports/Brace Kit for KLR650 2008-up
Rear brace kit to stiffen KLR fairing
Price: $24.95
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