RoboBracket 3pc System - DR650 - 18" Clear Sport CR Shield
Transform your ride with MadStad RoboBrackets, a patented adjustable wind management system that gives you a fully adjustable windshield for wind protection and comfort that can't be achieved any other way. The DR650 was not designed for highway riding but let's face it, you spend a good portion of your ride time on pavement, so why not be comfortable? A fixed shield attachment is available but all riders are not the same, so the one shield in one position just doesn't cut it for most. Our answer was to give that one shield adjustability for all riders. The result is much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield could ever provide. Why should you try to adapt to your windshield when your windshield can adapt to you?

This is a complete 3-piece drop-in adjustable windshield system made for the Suzuki DR650 (1996-2010). Part 1 is the Turbo City mounting bars which bolt to your forks and provide a solid mounting base. Part 2 is the MadStad RoboBrackets system, the adjustable brackets that allow you to control the height and tilt of the shield. Part 3 is our 18" (450 mm)  CLEAR Sport CR windshield which attaches to the RoboBrackets. This shield has a straight smooth profile and a 16" (406 mm) width so it is compact enough to go off-roading but large enough to get the air pressure off your body on the highway. Once the system is all bolted up, the brackets and shield are sturdy enough to go anywhere. This kit includes everything you need to mount your RoboBracket system including the adjustment wrenches to position your shield. Your bike will not require any modification. If you are tall or want a larger pocket of protection we have larger and wider windshield options available.

We offer a few different windshield tint options. To view them please click here:Windshield Tint Options

Satisfaction is guaranteed, so buy with confidence. Our patented system has been getting rave reviews for years, and now it is available for your DR650.


Price: $279.95

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