RoboBracket 3pc System for the KTM 990 - 18" Clear Sport GS Shield

MadStad/Aeroflow adjustable windshield system for the KTM 990/950 Adventure!
Fully adjustable airflow for smooth, comfortable wind protection.

This is the MadStad/Aeroflow system for the KTM Adventure 990. (Click the photos to enlarge.) Why do MadStad windshield systems work so well? Because we detach the shield from the fairing allowing it to scoop air up underneath. This eliminates the vacuum behind the shield which is what causes most of your turbulence in the first place. (Click here for a diagram showing how this works.)

Does the system really work? Aeroflow did extensive testing over hundreds of miles under calm and windy conditions, with different size riders, multiple windshield sizes and shapes, as well as with and without side deflectors. Here are reports from two of our independent test riders:

Test rider #1: ". . . when I ride long distances I'm mostly concerned with helmet buffeting. This screen all but eliminates that problem." . . . click here for complete report

Test Rider #2: ". . . this MadStad / AeroFlow setup makes long-distance riding pleasant instead of being a real chore" . . . click here for complete report

The complete system consists of 3 parts: the adapter plate (mounting base), adjustable RoboBrackets and the windshield. (The side deflectors seen in the photos are an accessory only available at this time through Aeroflow.) The black adapter plate bolted to the fairing in place of the stock screen is made of aluminum and it is the mounting base for our adjustable RoboBrackets. The MadStad RoboBrackets bolt to this aluminum base shield then the front windshield screws onto the brackets. With the shield separated from the fairing you pull lots of air underneath it which is critical for smooth airflow. One of our test riders was 6'4" (193 cm) tall yet he still got smooth and quiet airflow that easily cleared his head, even at highway speeds. Amazing! With the tremendous improvement in airflow from the adjustable MadStad RoboBrackets, you simply won't need a huge shield on the front of this bike. 

You can order a complete package with a MadStad windshield available in several colors: clear, light gray, bronze smoke and dark gray. To view the color choices please click here: Windshield Tint Options. 

This system comes with a clear 18" Sport GS shield which is great for most riders 5'8" - 6'2" (178 - 188 cm). Shorter and taller windshield options are also available.

Price: $279.95

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